NEEDING YOUR OPINIONS! My First Chainmaille Tutorial! It's a Freebie!

Calling all maillers!  Here it is- my first chainmaille tutorial! It's for European 4-in-1. This is where I need some help from all of you avid ring weavers! I'll be teaching a class at my local library to a group of teens very soon, and this tutorial is how I've decided to go about teaching them the basics of E4-in-1. I'm using two outer rows of silicone rings and a center one using anodized aluminum rings. I'd really like to hear your thoughts and opinions on it so I can make it an enjoyable first-timer class for both the teens and for me.  (I think that roughly translates to "minimally frustrating with a satisfying outcome"). I think it's hard for me to gauge anymore how this tut may be understood (or not). Looking at it too long requires a need for a few fresh sets of eyes.

So please, download my E4-in-1 Tutorial and let me know what you think! I would appreciate hearing from you! If you like it, use it and share it, and just maybe give me a shout out and a link back if you do. Thanks! :-)