The Gray Box

Sometimes as artists we'll create personal, intimate work that we’re unwilling to share outside of a very small circle or maybe even not at all. This for me- for several years- has been one of those projects. It’s not avant-garde. It’s not going to reveal the depths of my soul to you. It’s just a small, beat-up gray steel box with a slice of a very big and beautiful world that Mike and I share together hidden inside. He told me the other night that it’s too cool not to share and that others should see it, so here it is:


I love paper engineering and this is my all-time favorite project to-date using these techniques. The contents of the box are all hand-cut paper (every blade of grass, every leaf). There’s a glowing LED ‘moon’ mounted on the inside of the lid so when you peer inside, the scenery is covered in moonlight. 


Enjoy! <3