What I do is all about You. I'll ask you the right questions, immersing myself into the important details. This enables me to  create the most powerful, Attractive and fitting DesignS for you.


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  • Branding - Designing a name, symbol or design that makes your product or entity stand out from the rest. 
  • Package Design Designing an attractive, safe, effective mode of delivery for your tangible product or line.
  • Publication - Designing a beautifully organized and eye-catching printed magazine, newsletter or brochure for relaying information to your clients.
  • Illustration - Creating technical, editorial, book or packaging artwork that further eluicidates what you are presenting.
  • Collateral - Designing business cards, letterhead, envelopes, promotional mailers, menus, invitations, tickets, giveaways and other promotional items that will get you remembered.
  • Paper Engineering - A specialty of mine, paper engineering brings a 3D uniqueness to your project through pop-ups, quilling, creative tissue paper manipulation, planar nets and more.
  • Custom Chainmaille JewelryIn need of a specific size or color of Torusphere Jewelry or a custom piece? Contact me for a consultation.


PHONE: (224) 595-4029  |  EMAIL: jean@inspiredchromadesign.com