Signed Torusphere Jewelry Pieces Coming Soon!

There are several jewelry artists' work that I admire and collect. I love how their ideas and energy have been poured out into their work and their hands have touched every element. Their signature styles show through in each of their designs. Each one contains a bit of their personality and I would be able to, more often than not, pick their work out from a selection of multiple artists working in the same medium. As an illustrator, graphic designer, and fine artist, I've always signed my personal work. It's been a goal of mine since beginning to design jewelry over 10 years ago, that my pieces would also be recognized not only by my distinctive style, but also tagged with my signature. I feel I've come to the point where my jewelry designs are now in need of that signature! Starting in late Spring, it's becoming a reality! :-D The lighter design on the right in the photo below is the one I chose. The tags are all stainless steel and measure 10mm (1 cm). They'll soon be attached to all necklaces and bracelets!