Graphic Design and Chainmaille Make Awesome Tee Shirts

It's been lurking in the back of my mind to do this for quite some time! Being so passionate about graphic design and chainmaille, it's a given that everyone in my proximity must be made aware! So,I decided that Graphic Design + Chainmaille = Awesome tee shirts to that get that point across! Purchasing a new suite of fonts from is what finally made me take the tee shirt design plunge. 

Using my PolyHexaBloom unit as inspiration, I created a Seed of Life motif in Adobe Illustrator. What do I have to say about chainmaille, graphic design, and life in general in my gorgeous new font? All things are interconnected, constant, continuous, infinite. Whoa, that's deep, yeah?

I'm so proud of this fusion of creative passions and had to share! If you have an appreciation for the interconnectedness of life, chainmaille or graphic design that you'd like to shout from the rooftops (or the front of your tee shirt) you can purchase one here: